From our effortless and safe induction hobs to our modern gas burners, the AEG hob range is the perfect partner for your kitchen. Technology that will allow you to enhance your cooking experience and give you superior taste. Cooking or baking the results you will get from using our range will meet your expectations every time. Explore our range

Did you know that our AEG ovens come with a built-in steam cleaning function. Giving you consistent restaurant quality in your cooking. For the best results, we would suggest running this cleaning programme once a week for optimum results. Optimum cooking conditions and guaranteed cooking perfection.
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From tips to styling for the best lunch, to how you can take taste further with AEG, we want to ensure you have the right tools to create exceptional taste experiences.
The finer details are what separates 'just a meal' from memorable. For this, you need excellence in every step, from sourcing to serving. With our appliances and your skills, we can make even the toughest cuts fall-off-the-bone tender and turn chocolate cakes into melt-in-your mouth morsels.
Tasteology is a documentary that uncovers taste from a new point of view. We've looked at the science and the experience, not just the flavours and ingredients. Through the episodes you can be inspired to Take Taste Further in the kitchen and beyond it.
We want to break today's care habits. Why? 90% of the clothes we own are thrown away long before they should be, and we still insist on using outdated care instructions from the 1950s. A change is needed.
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