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Fridge freezers may just be the most essential part of any kitchen. They help us to keep our food fresh and healthy while keeping bacteria from growing, and allow us to enjoy all kinds of cold treats.
When you’re looking to buy a fridge freezer, there are three main things to keep in mind: Size, type and other features and considerations.

Fridge freezer size

Fridge freezer size

The most important choice to make for a new fridge freezer is which size you need. Fridges come in a wide range of sizes, from small minibar-style fridges to colossal 2-door and 3-door models.
Consider your household size when making such a choice, since you will need more space to store food for more people. Here are some guidelines for which fridge freezer volume you may need:
  • 1-2 people in household: 200-380 liters
  • 3-4 people in household: 350-530 liters
  • 5 and more people in household: 450 liters and more
Note that it’s a good idea to have some extra space for when you have guests or are preparing for a certain time of year, so when in doubt, lean on the side of more space rather than less.

Fridge freezer types

Fridge freezers come in different types, such as:
  • Side-by-side fridge freezer: Fridge and freezer side by side, which makes the freezer more accessible
  • French door fridge freezer: Can be combined in different ways, usually with two fridge doors on top and one or two freezer doors or compartments at the bottom
  • Top-mount fridge freezer: Has a freezer compartment at the top
  • Bottom-mount fridge freezer: Has a freezer compartment at the bottom, which means your fridge shelves are higher up and easier to reach

Other factors to consider in a fridge freezer

  • Installation: Installation cost and effort don’t vary much between different fridge freezer types, but size of course affects the installation. If you buy a fridge freezer that can be connected to a water line, keep the availability of a connection in mind as well.
  • Energy efficiency: Make sure to check how much energy a fridge freezer can save you to decrease your impact on the environment

Choose the perfect fridge freezer with AEG

AEG fridge freezers offer a wide variety of features such as the energy-efficient Fast Freezer functions for your perishables. AEG is renowned around the world for its high-quality products and high standards for energy efficiency as well as safety.
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