Which types of dishwashers should you buy?

Standard dishwashers come in two main types: Built-In and Freestanding. In choosing, consider your kitchen layout, available space, and preferences.
Bonus: To use this machine correctly, please refer to this guide on How to use a dishwasher for beginners.


How to choose the right dishwasher capacity? 

Dishwasher capacity is measured in place settings. One place setting covers all the dishes, cutlery and glassware one person uses in a three-course meal. To know how much a dishwasher can effectively wash in one go, always refer to the place setting capacity, the number of household members, and your dining habits. Here’s a guide to choose a dishwasher with a suitable number of place settings.

1 - 2 People

1 - 2 People

It’s recommended for small housholds to buy a dishwasher with 6-9 place settings, especially if you dine out frequently, or have limited space.
3 - 4 People

3 - 4 People

A 9-12 place settings model is ideal for a medium-sized household or a couple who works from home.
5+ People

5+ People

A 12+ settings model is best for large families, households who entertain frequently, or those with more kitchen space.

What size of dishwasher to buy?

The dimensions of your dishwasher and the dimensions of the available space for your dishwasher are two separate things. The standard size of a dishwasher is 600mm wide, 820mm high and 600mm deep. Make sure your plumber or installer allotts space more than that. This gives it enough rear ventilation and ‘air gap’ to effectively protect it from flooding with waste water.


Why settle for less?

For a major purchase decision that will impact different aspects of your life, never compromise. A good dishwasher does what a dishwasher is supposed to do, but the best one goes beyond your expectations. Raise your standards — discover AEG dishwashers.


60cm 7000 Series freestanding dishwasher with 15 place settings
4,7 (70 reviews)
  • FlexZone for washing smaller loads when needed.
  • SmartSensors optimise the cycle for each load.
  • FastWash cleans your dishes in 30 minutes.
60cm Freestanding dishwasher with 15 place settings
4,9 (50 reviews)
  • 15 Place Setting
  • Satellite and ceiling spray arm
  • Removable Third-Layer Cutlery Tray
60cm Freestanding dishwasher with 14 place settings and 8 programs
4,6 (255 reviews)
  • 14 Place Setting
  • InnoWash spray arm
  • Adjustable Third-Layer Cutlery Tray
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