Kitchen Layout

When it comes to designing your kitchen, you need to think about how you like to cook. You want space and appliances to work more efficiently and with you, not against you. A few things to think about are the following.

Consider your cabinetry

Are you looking to have a more traditional design with your cooktop and oven paired one under the other or are you wanting to give your kitchen a more modern design by having your oven in a tower layout? This could be a duo or double oven or a single oven by itself or paired with another oven or microwave.

Positioning it close to your stove but far enough away that you could have two cooks in the kitchen, one taking care of the oven and the other the stove.

Work triangle or work zones 

This choice will ideally come down to the size of your kitchen. When looking at a kitchen work triangle you would have your appliances configured so that the line drawn between the refrigerator, cooking appliances, and sink/dishwasher creates a triangle which the cook can easily and efficiently move about the space.

Whether you have a small or large space you may look to have the area broken up into 5 zones; consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking zones, this allows the space to work in unison of each other.

Purpose of your island bench

Island benches have a range of ways they can be used; the key is designing to suit your lifestyle and how you will be using your kitchen. Sinks are the most common element found on a kitchen island with a dishwasher underneath it.

However, over recent years, there have been kitchens designed around the island bench becoming the workbench, the place you prepare, cook and clean with ovens, cooktops or microwaves being incorporated into their design. 

Size of Oven

When shopping for a built-in oven, it’s important to consider its size. How much internal space do you need for your cooking style and how much space within the cabinetry you have to work with will impact the external size of your new oven.

Your range of options heavily depends on whether you’re replacing an existing oven or installing a new one from scratch. If you’re replacing it, you are generally limited to a particular style and size of the oven.

The standard built-in oven width is 60cm, enough to take care of most cooking tasks. Other common widths include 75cm and 90cm, and these ovens are more suitable for an entertaining or family home.  The external width of an oven is not a clear representation of the amount that can fit inside.

Ensure you consider the inside capabilities when shopping for an oven. Generally, an oven with a small capacity is anywhere between 30 and 45 litres. 45 litres to 70 litres is the average, and any capacity greater than 70 litres is on the larger side. 


While size, style and cooking functions are all important things that influence your final oven purchase decision, you will also need to consider whether you would like a gas or electric oven.


Single ovens
Steam Ovens
AirFry Ovens
Single ovens
Single ovens
Steam Ovens
AirFry Ovens

Single Ovens

By far the most popular and common type of built-in oven, a single oven can be installed where you want it. With the ability to go within wall cabinetry or under bench, your kitchen layout is limitless. Full of practical features and a choice of width 60cm and 90cm ensures that whether your family is big or small there is the oven for you.

Ideal for:
  • Small family - large family
  • Apartment living
  • Rental properties

Single Ovens

Cooler to touch oven doors

The multi-layer glazing of our oven doors is cooler to the touch when the oven is hot.

Ovens that clean up after themselves

Even cleaning up is easier with AEG. Choose a PyroClean oven and with the press of a button, you can keep your oven shiny and clean.

You set, we will do the rest

Our programmable timer gives you the flexibility to set when you would like to cook and how long you would like to cook for.

AirFry for that perfect healthy crunch

When a food craving hits, make healthier and delicious food right in your oven. Deliver all the flavour and none of the guilt.

Designed for ease and safety

Telescopic runners are another piece of thoughtful design that makes it easy to draw racks out and a safety check on your dishes during cooking.

Even cooking twin fan system

Our twin fan system in our 90cm ovens work to evenly distribute heat throughout the oven so you can enjoy delicious results every time.

Tastier baking starts with steam

EasyBake +Steam function. Steam helps you get a better rise, crispier crust, a fluffier centre and tastier textures for all your bread, pastries, cakes, and puddings.

Steam Ovens

Whilst steam is traditionally found in a professional kitchen, the benefits have now been shared with it coming in domestic appliances. When it comes to steam, the perception is that this is only for rice and vegetables when in fact it is also suitable for roasting and baking.

Ideal for:
  • Small family to large family
  • Apartment living
  • Adventurous Cook

60 – 70L

How it works?

The humidity created by combining steam with hot air throughout the cooking process creates a crisper layer on the outside of your dishes preventing your food from drying out and loss of nutrients.

Steam, our secret for delicious effortless cooking

Bring out natural flavours and goodness with our versatile steam functions. Steam Assist Cooking is ideal for meat, poultry and fish, ensuring an even cook from the centre to surface with a crisp golden finish.

Reheat leftovers with Steam

By using steam, you are able to re-heat your leftovers and have them taste like they were just cooked. By re-heating with hot air and steam, you increase the humidity in your oven, allowing you to not dry out your leftovers.

Tastier baking starts with steam

EasyBake +Steam function. Steam helps you get a better rise, crispier crust, a fluffier centre and tastier textures.

Cleaning is a breeze with steam

A 30-minute light oven cleaning that's chemical-free. Just add water and vinegar, turn on the steam cycle and wait until the grime is softened and loosened. Grab a cloth, some detergent and wipe. Your oven is clean again. Easy.

AirFry Ovens

When you want the latest in cooking technology, but it comes in a benchtop appliance that you don't have the room for, the solution to a benchtop airfryer could be an airfry oven. Now you can have it all in one appliance as you are now able to air fry in your oven, meaning you can cook for the whole family, achieving results similar to deep-frying while minimising the amount of oil used.

Ideal for:
  • Families
  • Apartment living

60 – 70L

With air, not oil

By using the circulation of hot air, air frying cooks the outside of your food first which creates a crispy outer layer and keeps the inside soft, similar to deep frying but you are cooking with air, not oil.

Cook for the whole family

With a larger capacity space than a benchtop appliance, you are able to AirFry all in one hit, rather than cooking in batches ensuring no one goes hungry.


Whether you're cooking up a tasty roast for the family or putting your favourite recipe to the test, you'll be pleased you chose AEG.




  • Question 1: What is a Steam Oven?

    A steam oven has a function that combines steam with hot air throughout the cooking process. Depending on the level of steam the oven offers, steam ovens come with a water tank accessible from the front of the oven, that feeds water to the inside of the oven or there is a well at the base of the oven cavity in which you place water.

  • Question 2: What is a fan forced oven?

    Fan forced oven has a heating element and a fan on the oven’s back wall. The electric element heats up and the fan circulates the warm air through all the levels of the oven evenly. The main benefit of a fan forced oven is the even temperature distribution, which allows several dishes to be cooked at once with no need to rotate.

  • Question 3: How do you clean your oven?

    Depending on your oven model, you can clean your oven following the two methods.

    Steam cleaning

    Cleaning is a breeze with steam. A 30-minute light oven cleaning that's chemical-free. Just add water and vinegar, turn on the steam cycle and wait until the grime is softened and loosened. Grab a cloth, some detergent and wipe. Your oven is clean again. Easy.

    Traditional cleaning

    Mix four parts of baking soda with one part of water and mix it together until it forms a thick paste. Then use a cooking spatula (some similar utensil that helps spread the mix) and spread the mix on the dirtiest parts of your oven only and let it sit for about thirty minutes. After that, grab a grout sponge and dip the sponge in straight vinegar and then just scrub vigorously. All the dirt should come out easily.

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