Nature's Freshness Preserved

Our TwinTech cooling system ensures the best flavours nature has to offer are kept at optimum temperature. Everything from kale to cucumber stays at its freshest for longer. Leaves are crispier, apples are crunchier and everything's tastier. The spacious drawer also means if you buy a lot of fresh produce, there's always room for keeping it that way.

With the TwinTech cooling system, the fridge and freezer compartments work independently to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity to keep foods fresh, or frozen

With TwinTech® it's easy to store every ingredient at its optimum condition.

The ProFresh fridge freezer

Nature's flavours in peak condition

Protect taste, forget frost. Keep fresh and frozen foods at their best with AEG's TwinTech+ system. It expertly maintains temperature and humidity levels, with minimal fluctuation, so your freezer stays frost-free and the quality of your fresh food doesn't deteriorate. Fruits and vegetables stay crisp and bursting with flavour. Meat and fish remain as fresh and vibrant as the day they were bought.

Meat and fish are proven to last up to 3 days longer at near zero degrees than they do with standard refrigeration. 

Precision chilling for exceptional cooking

A stunning meal starts with impeccable ingredients. Foods like meat and fish keep their taste best when stored at a certain temperature — close to 0 degrees. Our fridge freezers have a special Zero Degree compartment just for this, keeping your ingredients exactly the temperature they need to be. So you can enjoy the freshest meat or fish and savour every last mouthful.