Discover our recipes. From succulent mains to scrumptious desserts, our delicious recipes add gourmet flair to your home-cooked meals.

Gazpacho with Steamed Tiger Prawns.

This chilled Spanish-style soup is a perfect dish.

Onion Soup Out of the Bag.

A new take on a time-honoured classic, producing a soup with a warmth and depth like no other.

Steamed Spring Rolls.

These healthy rolls have a crowd-pleasing quality that makes them ideal for entertaining. 

Scallops with Fennel.

An impressive, very quick dinner dish with a superb aromatic flavour.

Moules Marinières.

For a dish that looks great and is quick and simple to prepare, you can't do better than this French

Sunday roast.

Make Sundays the most delicious day of the week with this feast for all the family.

Vegan burger.

Even die-hard meat-eaters will find this flavourful combination irresistible.


A classic French seafood soup. Fennel gives it a hint of aniseed, saffron its rich golden colour.

The Leftover Caesar Salad

By Culinary Misfits

The hang dried ceasar salad

By Ludwig Maurer

The True Flavour Salad

By Mark Schatzker

The Pacific Perception CAESAR SALAD

 By Catalina VĂ©lez

Lime Mousse with Raspberry Coulis.

The sharp coulis cuts through the sweet set lime mousse to make a perfectly balanced dessert that looks great too.

Chocolate Roulade.

A rich, grown-up pudding fit for the most sophisticated dinner party.

Pears in Red Wine.

 Do include the spices unless you're really not a fan - they add a wonderful warmth and depth to the dish.


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