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AEG Built-in Airfry Ovens, Steam Ovens and Electric Ovens in South Africa

Welcome to AEG and explore AEG Built-in Airfry Ovens, Steam Ovens and Electric Ovens with self-cleaning, smart design, and many advanced features.
Ovens turn your home kitchen into a true all-rounder. They let you cook your favorite restaurant meals, bake sweet cakes and pastries, or conveniently make a tasty casserole or lasagna. When you are choosing an oven, you should consider 3 things: size, type, and features.


Which oven size and capacity you should buy depends on what you are planning to cook and how many people are in your household. A standard oven size is 60cm width and has a capacity between 50 and 75 liters, which fits most of wall or counter openings. Meanwhile, the height requirement can vary.
Table of which oven you can choose based on heights

Height Oven type
45 cm A compact oven
60 cm A single standard size oven 
72-80 cm A large capacity oven or a double oven
If you have a large family and plan to oven-cook plenty of meals or are planning to entertain lots of guests, we recommend that you choose an oven with a larger capacity. For couples or small families that don’t cook a lot, a smaller size is usually sufficient.
Here is the table showing the oven capacity with the corresponding to the number of users:

Oven capacity Number of users
35 – 40 litres 1 - 2 people
40 – 70 litres 3 - 4 people
70+ litres 4+ people


Ovens come in many shapes and sizes with various features.
The electric single oven comes fully equipped with the latest features and a convection fan system that helps you cook any meal evenly. While double ovens give you more space to grill, roast, or bake.
Steam ovens utilize the power of steam to let you cook healthier and more visually appealing meals, while also being better suited for reheating food than a microwave.
Air fryer ovens circulate hot air inside your oven at a high speed through the use of convection fans, allowing you to fry quickly with little or no oil but still make crispy dishes.
A combination oven is a versatile appliance that combines multiple functions in one.
In many cases, you can also choose between a freestanding oven or a built-in oven, with the former often a more compact electric oven version that can fit on your countertop.


Make sure to choose an oven that does what you need it to. Do you have children in your home? Then choose an oven with extra protective glass to prevent injuries. Do you frequently cook large roasts? Many AEG ovens come with a food probe to check core temperatures. Do you enjoy fried food, but would like to maintain a healthy diet? Go for an air fryer oven. And do you hate cleaning? Choose an oven with pyrolytic cleaning, air fry, or steam cleaning that will make your life a lot easier.
For further guide on oven sizes, types and features, please refer to this detailed buying guide: how to choose the best oven for you.


AEG, with a rich history spanning 130 years, stands as a symbol of relentless innovation. Our commitment to staying one step ahead has made us a trusted name in households worldwide. At AEG, we don't just create appliances; we create solutions that enhance your everyday life. Choose AEG for innovation that stands the test of time.
Whether you need a grill oven, toaster oven, or oven for baking, you can get an AEG oven that has you cooking restaurant-quality meals in no time. As a complete cooking solution, our ovens produce perfect steaks or pizzas as well as tasty cakes – leaving more time for you to enjoy the food.
Every oven comes with at least 3 years of warranty. For more warranty information, please refer to AEG general warranty policy.
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