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Best AEG Microwave Ovens: Grill, Air fryer, Steam and Combi in South Africa

Welcome to the best AEG microwave ovens in South Africa, featuring Grill, Airfry, Steam, and Combi options.
Microwave ovens have made cooking and reheating meals as easy as pushing a button. From popcorn to cupcakes and potatoes, the microwave oven is as versatile as it is convenient.

Microwave ovens come in many different varieties. Their most distinctive differences are in their size, installation type and the features they boast. Here are things that you should know about a microwave oven:


Microwave ovens vary in size, from around 26 liters to 42 liters and above. Size requirements depend not only on the size of the household, but also on the activity for which the microwave oven will be used. However, a useful rule of thumb for the right size is the following, but allow for more space if you plan to use the microwave oven more extensively:

Number of users Microwave oven capacity
1-2 people, light use for defrosting 26 litres and below
3-4 people, mainly for defrosting regular meals 30 litres and below
4+ people, use for defrosting and cooking small meals 30 litres and above


There are two options for the installation of a microwave oven – built-in or freestanding.

Built-in microwaves, as the name suggests, are built into your kitchen like other appliances like your oven or dishwasher. They can be placed either under the kitchen counter or as part of your overhead kitchen cabinets, so they always have a fixed place in your kitchen.

Freestanding microwaves can be put wherever you want them to stand at any given moment, which gives you more flexibility if you need more room to do other things.


Modern microwave ovens come with a variety of features that let you create more intricate meals in addition to heating and defrosting.

Grill microwave ovens let you grill meat to perfection, while convection oven functionality makes a microwave oven equivalent to a big oven in cooking versatility. Airfry microwave ovens let you make fried dishes with little or no oil, while steam microwave ovens help you steam quickly and perfectly.

Combination microwave ovens offer grill, steam and air frying functions in one appliance helping you cook a wide variety of dishes.
Finally, easy to clean interiors make them even easier to use and maintain.


AEG, with a rich history spanning 130 years, stands as a symbol of relentless innovation. At AEG, we don't just create appliances; we create solutions that enhance your everyday life.

AEG microwave ovens offer the perfect combination of versatile cooking features and programmes for baking, grilling, reheating and everything in between. Appliances by AEG also boast outstanding energy efficiency and are known for their ease of use, making a purchase from AEG the best choice for your kitchen.

Our latest 2 innovations: AEG airFry microwave oven and AEG steam microwave oven will help you experience culinary excellence. Air frying technology employs super-heated air to create that delightful fried taste and texture you crave, all while using less oil. In the meanwhile, you can effortlessly steam a range of foods – fish, vegetables, eggs, dim sum, rice – or enhance reheating for superior results with AEG steam microwave ovens.
Moreover, every oven comes with at least 3 years of warranty. For more warranty information, please refer to AEG general warranty policy.

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