Tech specification

Key specification
  • Dimensions: 890-910x600x600
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Total electricity loading, W: 54.6
  • Cord Length: 1
  • Required Fuse: 16
  • Volume usable, l: 0
  • Volume usable, l: 0
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  • Heat activated catalytic cleaning: Catalytic coatings to the top, back and sides of the oven absorb the grease from cooking and with regular heating to 220°C the grease residue is burned away.
  • Auto-stop anti-tip chrome shelves: Enables baking shelves and wire shelves to be pulled out fully, gliding out effortlessly with a smooth rolling action.
  • Fully programmable timer
  • Hob features:
  • Rear right zone: Semi-rapid burner
  • Gas hob with cast iron pan supports
  • Residual heat indicators: Residual heat indicators visually indicate when residual heat is left on the hob surface for that added reassurance.
  • Top oven features include:
  • Main oven features include:
  • Grill
  • Gas safety thermocouples: Gas is cut off at the source if the flame fails
  • Cooling fan: The fan draws in cool air and mixes it with warm air from the oven to ventilate the ISOFRONT glazed door. This ensures that both the oven and surrounding furniture stay cool.
  • Volume usable, l: 0
  • Volume usable, l: 0
  • Largest Surface area: 1272
  • Cleaning: Catalytic
  • Right front - Power/Diameter: 2000W/71mm
  • Right rear - Power/Diameter: 2000W/71mm
  • Left front - Power/Diameter: 3000W/101mm
  • Rear - Power/Diameter: 1000W/55mm
  • Middle front - Power/Diameter: 0W/0mm
  • Middle rear - Power/Diameter: 0W/0mm
  • Required Fuse: 16
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Gas replacement: G20 (2H) 20 mbar
  • Total electricity loading, W: 54.6
  • Energy class: No
  • Energy efficiency class: No
  • Energy consumption, conventional mode, kWh per cycle: 0
  • Energy consumption, hot air, kWh/cycle: 0
  • Energy consumption per EU standard cycle: 0
  • Energy consumption, fan forced, kWh/cycle: 0
  • PNC: 943 006 387
  • Dimensions: 890-910x600x600
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Cord Length: 1
  • Cleaning Bottom Oven: No
  • Runners: Grid Runners
  • Gas supply: natural gas: G30/G31 (3B/P) 30/30 mbar

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