Excellent visibility

To cook to perfection, you need excellent visibility. Halogen lights shed bright light over the hob for the optimum visibility.

AEG - Chimney hood - X59263MD20

Precise control over power levels and settings

The electronic push buttons give you precise control over the power levels and settings of your cooker hood.

Tech specification

Installation diagram
Key specification
  • Installation: Chimney
  • Size: 90
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 690-1130x898x450
  • Max distance from cooking top: 50
  • Max distance from cooking top: 65
  • Cord Length: 1.5
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Electronic variable 3+Intensive speed push button control
  • Extraction mode: A ducting kit is attached to the hood to extract the cooking vapours externally, giving a pleasant kitchen environment, which is free from cooking odours.
  • Extraction rate of 686m³/h
  • Maximum extraction rate (intensive) of 686 m³/h
  • Maximum recirculation rate of 310 m³/h
  • 72 dB(A) noise level: This cooker hood has a maximum noise level of only 72 dB(A) to help maintain a more peaceful kitchen environment.
  • Recirculation or extraction options
  • For wall mounting between furniture or as a stand alone unit
  • Fluid dynamic efficiency class: C
  • Lighting efficiency class: F
  • Capacity minimum, m3/h: 256
  • Capacity, Max m³/h: 537
  • Capacity intensive, m3/h: 625
  • Installation: Chimney
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 690-1130x898x450
  • Max distance from cooking top: 50
  • Max distance from cooking top: 65
  • Required Fuse: No
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Frequency: 50
  • Energy class: C
  • Grease filter efficiency class: B
  • Sound power min speed, dB(A): 58
  • Sound power max speed, dB(A): 72
  • Sound power intensive, dB(A): 75
  • Recirc sound power min, dB(A): 67
  • Recirc sound power max, dB(A): 73
  • PNC: 942 122 995
  • Size: 90
  • Cord Length: 1.5
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Charcoal filter type: TYPE 15
  • Other comments technical specifications: possibility to insert accessory Long Life Carbon Filter TYPE20 -- 942 121 993 OUT OF SCOPE for stand by power and off mode power exausting (hood body inluded)= min height 603 mm; max height 1130 mm air outlet reducer is included in the product
  • Superperforming charcoal filter compatible: SUPCHARC-E, 942 150 224
  • No. of speed settings: 3+Intensive
  • Lamp type: Halogen spotlight
  • No. of lamps: 2
  • Grease filters: 1
  • Chimney denomination: K9416X

Other products

  • Eye-catching design in stainless steel and glass
  • Excellent visibility
  • Precise control over power levels and settings
  • Fresh air in a whisper.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and fresh
  • Fantastic visibility of all your pots and pans
  • Efficient control over extraction rate



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